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Petunjuk Penulis

Prosiding BTHs a national accredited journal which publishes 4 (four) volumes a year. With Focus and Scope in pharmacy management, pharmaeconomic, pharmacoepidemiology, community pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, social pharmacy, pharmacy marketing management, drug policy, and pharmacy practice, JMPF accepts manuscripts/papers on research results, reviews, and case repots, both written in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) and English. Manuscripts that are published in JMPF should pass strict selection by Editorial Board and review by reviewers.

Please make sure to upload a Cover Letter in the Supplementary File section in your New Submission process. A submission that does not include both manuscript and Cover Letter will not be proceeded any further by the Editorial Board.

General Terms of Writing

  1. Manuscript should be written in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) or English, with Arial font 12pt, single space lining, and A4 paper with normal margin.
  2. In manuscripts that are written in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language), words in foreign language should be in italic.
  3. Tables and Pictures that are presented in the manuscript should be numbered, titled, and sized 10pt with single space lining. Table numberings should be written on top of the table in Roman numerals, while the Picture numberings should be placed below the table in Arabic numerals.
  4. Tables should be in Table format and not pictures [.jpeg, .png, etc.] Make sure pictures included are in high resolution.

Manuscript Systematics

1. Title and Author

Manuscript in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) should contain English title, but if it is fully written in English, Indonesian title is not necessary. Each title should not exceed 15 words. Authors’ names should be written without salutation or academic title, and Authors’ origin institutions should be provided evidently. Abbreviating Authors’ last name is off limit.

2. Abstract

Abstract is compiled in no more than 1 (one) paragraph and should not exceed 250 words. It ought to contain objectives, methodes, and brief summary of the result of the research. Keywords should not be longer than 5 words or concepts.

3. Introduction

Introduction contains brief explanation on background of the research, state of the art, objective of the research, and research contribution and novelty.

4. Method

Research method contains research plan, population and data collection (sampling technique), representative samples and its total, as well as inclution and exclution criteria of the research. Data analysis technique should be delivered concisely and clearly in the end of the section.

5. Result and Discussion

Every data presented in the manuscript should be discussed comprehensively. The sequences are as follows: data presentation, data comparation with other researches on its kind, and stating the relevant theory concerning the presented data.

6. Conclusion

Conclusion should be compiled in 1 (one) paragraph and should not contain any numberings. It ought to answer the objectives of the research concisely and clearly.

7. Acknowledgement

Acknowledge the persons who contribute to the research, e.g. research funders, if any, in this section.

8. References

References are set using reference manager (preferably Mendeley) with American Medical Association (AMA) Style. It should contain at least 80% of primary references and include sources no older than the past 10 years.

Submit a Research Article

  • Manuscript will only be proceeded if submitted through JMPF Official Website

  • Before submitting manuscript, authors who do not own a username should previously register as a new user. Authors who already have registered could login with their username and password respectively. To submit a manuscript, click on New Submission.

  • Five steps on how to submit a new manuscript are listed below:

  1. Start

    Check all the checklist regarding your preparation before submitting a manuscript. Make sure the format of the manuscript is in [.doc] or [.docx] and not [.pdf]

  2. Upload Submission

    Select a file to be submitted, then click Upload.

  3. Enter Metadata

    Fill in the metadata related to the submission, like Authors’ identity, title, abstract, language code, contributor, and references.

  4. Upload Supplementary Files

    Upload Cover Letter in this section. The template of Cover Letter can be found in the Sidebar of JMPF Website. The format of Cover Letter that is to be uploaded should be in [.pdf].

  5. Confirmation

    This section contains summary of your new submittion. Click Finish Submission to send it to the Journal Manager.

  • Screening, review process, and decision whether a manuscript is accepted or declined take at least 3 to 4 months. Electronic Letter of Acceptance will only be released once the manuscript has been accepted by the Editorial Board to be published in an issue. The status of your manuscript submission can be seen in the website