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The event is sponsored by the Mississippi Development Authority's Tourism Heritage Trails Program, the Mississippi Blues Commission, the Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Elvis Presley Birthplace Museum

by Bernadine Benoit (2019-08-03)

The Golden Globes and NBC agreed Monday to scrap the traditional show format, which faced picketing by striking writers, in favor of a news conference approach.

The move came after actors threatened to boycott the show in support of the writers guild.

Mississippi Honors Elvis For Reviving The Blues

2 A Mississippi Blues Trail marker will be placed at the birthplace of Elvis Presley on Tuesday.

The ceremony will honor Presley for his contribution to Mississippi and America's blues heritage.

He was born in Tupelo on Jan. 8, 1935. Presley died at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, 부산출장안마 Tenn., on Aug. 16, 1977. He first encountered the blues in Tupelo, and it remained central to his music throughout his career.

His early recordings helped revolutionize popular music with a unique mix of blues and country music, which led many rock 'n' roll artists to follow his lead.

"By all accounts, Elvis Presley was the single greatest influence on modern-day rock 'n' roll in America, and much of his musical inspiration drew on the Mississippi blues," Gov. Haley Barbour said in a statement Friday.

The event is sponsored by the Mississippi Development Authority's Tourism Heritage Trails Program, the Mississippi Blues Commission, the Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Elvis Presley Birthplace Museum.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Returns To The View With Newborn

3Elisabeth Hasselbeck is back on "The View" after two-and-a-half months of maternity leave and she didn't return alone.

Hasselbeck walked out of the wings with two-month-old son Taylor in her arms.

She said she wanted to bring "a little testosterone to the table."

This was Hasselbeck's first chance to give her Republican views on the presidential primaries, but the discussion was tame with no fireworks.

Jack Black And Wife Are Expecting Another Baby

4Funnyman Jack Black has another reason to smile.

His wife, Tanya Haden, is pregnant with their second child, he said.

"Yes, she's expecting," Black said at a Beverly Hills hotel during a press day for his latest project, "Be Kind Rewind," People magazine reported Saturday on its Web site.

He declined to offer more details.

Black and Haden, a cellist and the daughter of jazz great Charlie Haden, were married in 2006. They have a 1½-year-old son.

Black said he employs a "day-by-day" strategy to parenting.

"I've been told that two children is three times as hard as one child, but then strangely three children is easier than one," he joked.

Black's film credits include "School of Rock" and "King Kong," and he's a member of the band Tenacious D.

Country Star Miranda Lambert Goes 'Wine Country'

5How about a sip of Kerosene?

The song by country star Miranda Lambert is also the name of a wine being marketed by her family.

Beverly Lambert of Lindale, Texas, says the Red 55 Winery is attracting tourists to the town. The mother says the name comes from her daughter's first truck, a red 1955 Chevy.

There's also a blush wine called Electric Pink, named for one of the singer's guitars.

Lambert's latest single comes out Jan. 15. That's when the family's two newest wines will be available, Gunpowder & Lead and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, also Lambert songs.

Lindale is about 85 miles southeast of Dallas.

HBO's David Simon Criticizes TV's Lack Of Diversity

HBO's "The Wire," which opened its fifth season Sunday, has gotten little recognition in Tinseltown. Executive producer David Simon says that's fine with him.

The series has been acclaimed by critics and has a cult-like following but has earned just one Emmy nomination in four seasons. Simon and George Pelecanos were nominated for writing in 2005 but lost.

"I don't give a (expletive) if we ever win one of their little trinkets," Simon told Newsweek. "I don't care if they ever figure out we're here in Baltimore.

"Secretly, we all know we get more ink for being shut out. So at this point, we wanna be shut out. We wanna go down in flames together, holding hands all the way."

Each season of "The Wire" has focused on a different aspect of the grit and blight of an American city in decline. Simon feels the show doesn't get credit for its diverse cast, nearly all of whom had no high-profile prior credits.

"Let me indict Hollywood as much as I can on this one," Simon said. "We have more working black actors in key roles than pretty much all the other shows on the air. And yet you still hear people claim they can't find good African-American actors. That's why race-neutral shows and movies turn out lily-white."

Of the show's actors, only Dominic West has been able to cross over into major movie work, while the show's several black actors are doing bit parts or stage work, Newsweek reported in its edition on newsstands Monday.

Wesley Snipes Demands A Fair Trial In Tax Evasion Case

Wesley Snipes is trying again to have his federal tax-evasion trial moved out of central Florida.

The actor's legal team argues he can't get a fair trial in Ocala, located about 80 miles north of Orlando. Snipes previously filed two motions to dismiss or transfer the trial because of racial prejudices.

A federal indictment charges Snipes with fraudulently claiming refunds totaling almost $12 million in 1996 and 1997 for income taxes already paid. The star of the "Blade" trilogy and other films also was charged with failure to file returns from 1999 through 2004.

Snipes allegedly conspired to file false refund claims based on a bogus argument that only income from foreign sources was subject to taxation.

Lawyers argued Snipes had the right to a trial in New York, where he lived between October 2000 and April 2005 when the offenses allegedly occurred, or in Orlando, where he also has a home.

Actor Austin Nichols Pleads Guilty To Impaired Driving

Austin Nichols, who portrayed the title character in HBO's "John From Cincinnati," has pleaded guilty to impaired driving and paid a $1,000 fine.

The 27-year-old actor pleaded by mail on Thursday to a misdemeanor charge of driving while visibly impaired.

The plea stems from an incident in Jackson, Mich., last August, when Nichols was staying with family at nearby Clark Lake.

"John From Cincinnati" was canceled last year. Nichols also appeared in "Deadwood."