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I mean, he did such a great job...we [the cast] couldn't believe it|"It was five hours of singing and you wonder how it's going to go but I just had a blast." The plot revolves around a small-town girl Sherrie (Julianne Hough) who moves to L.A|Pictures:

by Les Witherspoon (2019-08-03)

(CBS News) The all-star cast of "Rock of Ages," a Broadway musical-turned-film directed by Adam Shankman, is crossing oceans to promote the movie, which opens in U.S. theaters on June 15.

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Star-studded red carpet premieres were held in Los Angeles and London in anticipation of the debut of the rock n' roll film, which includes a soundtrack of classics from rock n' roll bands such as Bon Jovi and the English rock band Whitesnake.

Special screen premieres also took place in New York City and 부산출장안마 Sydney, Australia, and were attended by actors such as Cordin Bleu, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Wesley Taylor, and Sydney actors Dan Ewing, Lisa Gormley, and Dan Wyllie. Mega-star Tom Cruise portrays the heavily tattooed, narcissistic rock king Stacee Jaxx.

Actor Alec Baldwin told at the Los Angeles premiere that the "most