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"The day that Deep Throat announced himself...everybody wanted her to go on," Huffington said|Why do you need this? It's not going to work|Ephron eventually became an editor-at-large for the site and campaigned Huffington for a specific section|Huffington

by Mabel Brooke (2019-08-02)

(CBS News) Author and filmmaker Nora Ephron spent the last few years writing nearly 100 blog entries for the Huffington Post at the invitation of her longtime friend Arianna Huffington.

Tuesday on "CBS This Morning" Huffington said Ephron's writing gave credibility to The Huffington Post when the publication was in its infancy.

"She gave me courage to go on with it," Huffington said, "even a lot of my friends, people who loved me, said 'Don't do it. Why do you need this? It's not going to work. Most things on the internet don't work.' She said, 'Do it, I'm here for you.' And she blogged."

Ephron died of leukemia on Tuesday in New York at the age of 71.

Filmmaker Nora Ephron has passed away at 71Read Huffington's remembrance of Ephron

Ephron who famously married and divorced Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein - who helped break the Watergate scandal - wrote her first blog in 2005 about former FBI official W. Mark Felt outing himself as the anonymous source Deep Throat.

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