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How many people play air soft

by Everett Santiago (2019-08-01)

billions around the world

Where can you play air soft?
You can play air soft in an open field , in the woods , or at a public air-soft field..

Is soft air gun usage legal?
YES my friends and i play air soft all the time and there is actually placess designated for air soft wars just like in paintball

How many players can play Kirby air ride?
The most people that can play on Kirby Air Ride are four.

How old do you have to be to play with air soft gun?
Your parents will decide.

What are some good electric air soft guns that are cheap for people between beginner and intermediate or backyard play with some friends?
look around on

What is difference between air soft and soft-air?
Soft-air is a rip off of Air-soft

What should you wear to play paintball if you dont have paintball gear?
You have to go to a licensed field and rent indoor playground equipment []. You MUST have a paintball specific mask to play. No welding helmets, riot helmets, sunglasses, air soft goggles, ski goggles, ballistic goggles, Only paintball specific masks. Other then that, many people just play in jeans and a tshirt.

How many air soft guns are in the world?
Too many to count

What is the different between air soft and soft gun?
Air soft is the common term, soft air is the correct name.

Michigan laws for airsoft guns?
You can play air soft I would do it a lot before I moved

Where can you air soft?
You can play anywhere outside really. You can play in your yard, woods if you know where some are (thats what I do), you could even play inside if it was ok with your parents.

Is it illegal to have an air-soft war in maple grove MN?
You may only play airsoft on your property, or property you have permission to play on.

How many airguns are there in the world?
There are too many types: airguns that are used in the auto industry, Air Rifles, Air pistols, Air soft guns.

Is it airsoft or soft air?
Air soft is like are soft guns when soft air is more commonly known for BB guns and pellet guns.

Where can one purchase an air soft gun?
There are several places to purchase an air soft gun. Some of these places include: Hobby Tron, Air Soft Mega Store, Air Splat, Air Soft Station, and Air Gun Depot.

Are propane air soft guns dangerous?
I know of NO Propane air soft guns. Air soft and Air guns can use AIR, C02, Nitrogen and Greengas. All are safe to use.

Are air soft legal in Arizona?
Air Soft guns. Yes

Can you play air soft in Baltimore County MD?
Yes, but make sure you have a bright orange tip on the end of your gun. But dont play airsoft in a public place

Is it illegal to air soft in California?
It's legal for Air Soft in California

When was Through Soft Air created?
Through Soft Air was created in 2006.

How old to own an air -soft gun?
there is no age that you have to be to play airsoft I've seen kids as young as 5 playing. EDIT: There is no legal age limit on using an air-soft gun but you do have to be 18 years of age or older to buy one from a store.

Is a 276 feet per second air soft gun good?
For an air soft gun it's average. Air soft guns can reach 400 FPS.

Which is better an air-soft vest or an air-soft belt?
Air-soft vest because you can hold more stuff and it provides more padding

How do you play high c on the recorder?
You put your middle finger on the second hole with your thumb on the hole in the back then blow soft air.

What kind of ammo does a Smith Wesson Air soft Shotgun have?
air soft pellets

Is air soft blowback harmless?
No more harmful than regular Air Soft

Is the correct spelling Air Soft or air soft?
their both the same spelling but its Airsoft

Why were air soft guns made?
For people who live in countries where owning a firearm is outlawed or restricted and expensive.

How many rounds does a soft air handgun hold?
Impossible to answer without the model and maker name

Can people get killed by air soft guns?
It depends what kind of airsoft gun you have but maybe if you shoot them in the right place.

Why do people blow air on their spectacles?
You can either blow the dust off the lenses or wipe them with a soft cloth - your preference

Can someone die from an air soft gun?
Anything is possible but not likely with air soft. But they do hurt when they hit you. Simply don't shoot anyone with an air soft gun. Treat it like a real gun.

Is an air soft gun expensive?
Air Soft has a wide range of prices so yes it can be expensive or inexpensive

Can a bb gun shoot air soft bb's?
Not normally. BB are 177 cal, air soft is 6mm

What do you use for green gas in air soft guns?
you use green gas to fire the air soft gun

Can people with asthma play the flute?
It takes a lot of air to play the flute,and it could be hard for people with asthma to play it. I recommend the clarinet,it doesn't take much effort to play.

How long does it take to charge an air soft gun?
That's impossible you can not charge an air soft gun you can only but be bes in it

Why are some air-soft pellets have different sizes?
Because Air soft guns come in different sizes.

Are air soft guns popular?
Air soft guns are popular over the nation. Do not use one if you are not at least 15 :).

Where would your mom hide an air-soft gun?
Where you will not find it. So.... Why is the air-soft hidden? Is there a story here?

Are there any air soft places in Pennsylvania?
Wait, like Air Soft Guns? Geez, what kinda hobo asks that?

Where could you get air soft guns?
I have about six air soft guns i got them from Canadian Tire and they work pretty well

What is the size of an air soft shotgun shell?
Air soft shotgun shells are the size of 12 gauge shotgun shells.

What kind of gas do air soft guns use?
the gas powered air soft guns use CO2 or green gas

Can an air soft gun kill a rattlesnake?
An air soft gun can possibly kill a rattle snake but it depends on the gun and where you hit it

Air soft company KWA What does it stand for?
kwa stands for K=key W=west a=air soft key west airsoft

Should a ten year old have a air soft gun?
Not unless with adult supervision or without people witnessing he has a look alike gun

Where can you get an air soft revolver?
yes you can search utg revolver they come in many different lengths (the 8 inch is the coolist)

Can an airgun made for shooting metal bbs shoot plastic air-soft bbs?
It's not recommended. The BB gun fires with more force than an air soft gun. Air soft BB's can disintegrate and become flying shards of plastic.

Where to buy a air soft toy gun?
Most large sporting goods stores carry air soft guns, or on the web. Check

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