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When was G.I. Joe - arcade game - created

by Olivia Mitten (2019-08-01)

image.php?image=b17maartent1387.jpg&dl=1G.I. Joe - arcade game - was created in 1992-04.

Who invented the GI Joe?
GI Joe wasn't "created". The term GI Joe is a position they said in army. It is a higher position.

Who created the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game?
Kazuki Takahashi created the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game.

Who started the card game Yu-Gi-Oh?
Kazuki Takahashi created the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game but the game itself was developed by Konami .

In GI Joe the game how do you get snake eyes?
u do a triple backflip off of a baby's face

Toys in the 90s?
gi joe power rangers gak game boy max steel

When was the GI Joe movie released?
GI Joe was released in 2009.

Was gi joe a good movie?
if you are a gi joe fan you will not like gi joe the rise of cobra,but if your an action movie fan you might like it

Who created the yu-gi-oh card game?
Kazuki Takahashi in 1996

Is roadpig the toughest gi joe?
no, the toughest gi joe is snake eyes

Where could a person view a GI Joe cartoon?
Joe Headquarters is a site that has extensive information on GI Joe. The best place to see GI Joe cartoons is on DVD or Netflix. There are some on YouTube as well.

Acronym for GI Joe in 2009 movie?
GI Joe in 2009 movie stands for Your Mum

Is GI Joe cool?
If you are an 8-11 year old, GI Joe is very cool

What does GI stand for as in GI joe?
The "GI" stands for "Government Issue".

Did Jake sully play in GI Joe rise of the cobra?
Sam Worthington, who is the actor that played Jake Sully in Avatar, wasn't in gi joe, the guy that was in Gi Joe was Channing Tatum :)

The origin of the term GI Joe?
The term GI means 'government issued' for instance a GI Bill. and a 'joe' refers to a person. so a GI Joe basically refers to a grunt soldier. In addition to the toy line there was aslo a GIJOE movie.

Is there going to be GI Joe 2?
From what the ending of GI Joe looked like, yeah, most likely.

What is the value of a 1964 GI Joe?
some collectors will pay over 2000.00 for a 1964 gi joe

Who is duke in GI Joe rise of the cobra?
Channing Tatum is duke in GI Joe rise of the cobra.

What does the gi stand for in gi joe?
goverment issue

What does GI mean in GI joe?
Government Issue

What actors and actresses appeared in The Truth About GI Joe - 2002?
The cast of The Truth About GI Joe - 2002 includes: Michele Alberts as Barbzilla Ken Hales as Ken Ross Serotte as GI Joe

What do the initials GI in GI Joe mean?
government issued

How come GI Joe is popular?
gi joes are cool!

What toy company made the GI Joe action toy?
mattel. The Gi Joe dolls were made by Hasbro not Mattel

Was Barbie or GI Joe invented first?
Barbie was first sold in 1959. GI Joe was first sold in 1964.

Is hawx better then GI Joe?
yes i believe it is. you can go around in dozens of different plains dogfighting it out with aces. its an awesome game

What is gi joe about?
GI Joe is about a man who saves the world and he is basically is the American version of action man. (the doll) but now he is in a movie!

What is the name of the elite GI Joe team base in GI Joe the Rise of Cobra?
the pit. theres a mobile pit as well

What is GI Joe?
Gi joe was orignally a mobster in the late 1920's. He is now an action figure. Incorrect. GI Joe was the common name civilians and the government gave to the men in the armed forces. It stands for Government Issue Joe. The feminine form is GI Jane. Yes, it is an action figure and a TV show, but it was based from the military not a "mobster" in the 1920s. You are Incorrect. Gi Joe...

Was GI Joe based on World War 2?
No, the first GI Joe action figures were released at the height of the Vietnam Conflict (1964).

Which toy company produced the first GI Joe line of toys?
The Hasbro toy company produces GI Joe toys. The companies first run of the toys was in 1964. In 2003, GI Joe toys were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.

Will there be a second GI Joe movie?
Yes, G.I Joe Retaliation

Where can a person purchase GI Joe toys?
GI Joe toys may be purchased online from the Hasbro official website, where one can also watch videos and play games involving GI Joe. Alternatively they are available on Amazon, eBay and several other sites.

Why was yu-gi-oh created?
HI! YU-GI-OH! was created because the creater Kazuki Takashi loved to draw manga ( japanese comics) he loved to draw manga and he came up with a brill idea about a character who won at was originally a manga never intended to be a television/card game hit.....the manga was succesfull when it first started out... (YU-GI-OH! in english means "king of games") the manga was a weekly vol about yugi each week would safe...

Value of first GI Joe nurse doll?
An original GI Joe Nurse could sell for $5000-6000, assuming it is in perfect condition.

Who is the creator indoor playground equipment;, of the card game Yu-Gi-Oh?
In the tv show it was maximillion Pegasus in real life it was created by konami and lazuli takahashi

What is a GI Joe?
an action figure

Is duke nukem the duke from GI Joe?
well the duke from gi joe resolute/vvsv/spytroops does have the same stereotype but no,duke nukem was made by 3d relaims and duke from gi joe ws made by hasbro,there is no connection its just the duke nukem stereotype dude

Does snake-eyes in the series of GI Joe belong to cobra or GI Joe team?
Snake Eyes was always a GIJOE, Storm Shadow on the other hand was a cobra, then a joe, then a cobra again...

Is GI Joe real?
No, the G.I. JOE action figure franchise in fictional.

Is THE ROCK in the movie GI Joe rise of cobra?
No, but he is in G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

How tall is the Vintage GI Joe Jane Nurse?
The vintage GI Joe nurse was 11.5 inches tall. Original GI Joe dolls had larger bodies than later models of the doll. Although the dolls had larger bodies, they were less muscular and not has defined as later models.

Where would a Game Boy Micro be if it was lost in your house?
*gets out crystal ball* It is underneath the third cushion of the sofa, right beside your old GI-Joe.

Is duke nukem a GI Joe?
No he is not. Duke Nukem is a video game character that was came out in the early 90's. However the leader of the joe's name is Duke.

What does Joe stand for in GI Joe?
A GI Joe is a doll for boys. They call it an "action figure" because boys don't play with dolls. Apparently Vietnamese prostitutes called soldiers "GI Joe" (I know Korean prostitutes did this--saw lots of them, got called GI Joe by lots of them, never hired one...) because of this toy. Old war story time: in 1984 and 1985, when I was stationed in Korea, it was legal for soldiers to hire prostitutes because prostitution...

Who starred in GI Joe?
channing tatum

Why did they make GI joe toys?
to play with.

How many seasons of the 1980's GI Joe TV series were created?
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1985 TV series) : 95 episodes . G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (1989 TV series) : 44 episodes .

How old is GI-joe?
The toy line was launched on February 2, 1964.

Is a gi joe a Barbie doll?
A GI Joe is an action figuire. Much different than a doll. As to say a Barbie Doll There are two ways to answer this question. One is that, no, GI Joe is an action figure while Barbie is a fashion doll. The other is to say, no, because only dolls that Mattel makes are considered Barbie dolls, while Joe is manufactured by Hasbro.

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