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Buzz Briefs: Katherine Heigl,Jessica Alba

by Delilah Hathaway (2019-08-02)

Katherine Heigl graces the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine's Feb. 2008 issue, which hits newsstands next Tuesday.

With all of the attention being in the Hollywood spotlight, one might think that Heigl has become somewhat of a diva. Although she tries to stay down to earth, she can't help but have her moments playing the part.

"I pride myself on being kind, but that's not to say there aren't moments when I'm a diva," she revealed to Cosmo. "Everybody has bad moments. ... There are people in my life who keep me grounded, so I couldn't behave that badly, even if I wanted to."

Heigl even dishes on her new hubby Josh Kelley.

"Josh came into my life and I realized, 'Oh my God, you're someone I can really trust and go to when things are hard.' To have that in a partner is huge."

Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson Want To End Violence Against Women

2Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson were among the celebrities who celebrated the 10th anniversary of V-Day, a global effort to end violence against women and girls.

Alba, who made her stage debut performing Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues," offered a poem at a private luncheon Thursday sponsored by Glamour magazine. But first the 26-year-old actress warned that she was "popping out" of her dress.

"If you guys don't know, I'm pregnant," Alba said as her fiancé, producer Cash Warren, beamed. "You're all women. I think you understand your breasts are engorged and your stomach is getting bigger by the second."

Ensler founded V-Day, which now reaches 119 countries and has raised $50 million to increase awareness about violence against women.

"It literally started from one woman's voice ... and it's exponentially grown," Dawson, 28, said. "It's about embracing being a female and reclaiming that."

V-Day will celebrate its anniversary with a two-day event at New Orleans' Superdome in April.

Dawson, who is a V-Day board member, performed a poem about New Orleans, calling it "the vagina of America."

Katie Holmes, Val Kilmer, Kerry Washington, Ali Larter, Gina Gershon, Judith Light and Jennifer Beals also attended the event. Cindi Leive, editor in chief of Glamour magazine, said last year's V-Day luncheon raised over $200,000.

"Judge Alex" On Other Side Of Bench

When Alex Ferrer, star of TV's "Judge Alex," enters the courtroom for the most important case of his life on Monday, there will be no cameras and he won't be wielding the gavel. Instead, he will have a lead role in Preston v. Ferrer, 06-1463, a Supreme Court case that centers on a financial dispute between Ferrer and his purported talent agent.

At issue in the case is whether the dispute should be resolved in arbitration or by a California state agency. The justices will consider whether federal arbitration law preempts California's regulation of talent agents.

The question for Judge Alex may be whether Justices Ruth, John, Antonin and the rest can deliver the "fair, firm and fast justice" that the show's Web site promises comes out of his courtroom.

Ferrer was a state court judge in Florida before trading the crimes of Miami-Dade County for the dramas of "Deli Defamation," "Pool Shark Blues" and "Mover's Smash Up," to name just a few emotionally charged episodes on his docket.

In an interview, Ferrer said he made the transition to have more time with his family, among other quality-of-life reasons.

"Being a TV judge pays better than being a state court judge," he said.

But like many Hollywood hopefuls before him, Ferrer says he was taken advantage of by an unscrupulous agent.

Actress Toni Collette Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

3Oscar-nominated actress Toni Collette has given birth to her first child, a baby girl, Australian media reported Friday.

The Sydney-born star and her husband, musician Dave Galafassi, welcomed Sage Florence Galafassi into the world on Wednesday, an unidentified spokeswoman told the Australian Associated Press.

"Both mother and baby are very well and very happy," the spokeswoman was quoted as saying.

Collette was nominated for an Academy Award in the best supporting actress category for her role in 1999's supernatural thriller "The Sixth Sense," and more recent roles include being the mother in the dysfunctional family comedy "Little Miss Sunshine."

She announced her pregnancy in July, saying she had recently been leaning toward motherhood roles.

"It is strange the last three films I've done I have been pregnant," Collette said at the time. "I'm just like, what is the universe trying to tell me? But I think everything happens when it's meant to."

Man Sentenced In Cruise-Holmes Extortion Attempt

4A man who tried to extort $1.3 million from Tom Cruise in exchange for stolen wedding photographs of the actor and Katie Holmes was sentenced to two years probation Thursday.

Marc Lewis Gittleman, 34, also was fined $3,000. He pleaded guilty Sept. 21 to interstate transportation of stolen property.

Gittleman, a computer technician, told the court he was sorry.

"I brought unimaginable shame upon myself and my family," Gittleman said. "I'll be working the rest of my life to make it right."

Gittleman had no prior criminal record and is receiving counseling for depression, his attorney Richard Hirsch said. Hirsch described the crime as an impulsive act that showed "colossal bad judgment."

U.S. District Judge George King and 카지노사이트 attorneys for both sides agreed that a prison sentence was not needed.

Gittleman wrote a letter of apology to Cruise's attorney, Hirsch said. Cruise was not in court.

Court documents show Gittleman obtained thousands of photos from a damaged hard drive that was brought to his workplace by a photographer.

He then contacted David Hans Schmidt, 47, who was known for peddling nude photos and sex tapes of celebrities, and e-mailed Cruise demanding $1.3 million to keep the pictures private. Cruise's representatives called authorities, who set up a sting operation to catch Gittleman and Schmidt.

Schmidt pleaded guilty to transmitting threatening communications with intent to extort. He hanged himself in September.

G-Unit Rapper Yayo Didn't Slap A Teen After All

A lawyer for G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo, who is accused of slapping a 14-year-old boy on a Manhattan street, wants the charges dropped after prosecutors revealed Thursday that another man has confessed.

Yayo, 29, whose real name is Marvin Bernard, has pleaded not guilty to charges of misdemeanor assault, harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. The boy is the son of Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond, who co-founded Czar Entertainment and manages Yayo's rival rapper The Game.

A Yayo acquaintance, Lowell Fletcher, told police during an unrelated jailhouse interview that he had slapped the youth in March and Yayo pulled him away, said the rapper's attorney, Scott Leemon.

"They disclosed it today, and we plan to file a motion for dismissal," Leemon said of Assistant District Attorney Daryl Reed who told the court his office learned about Fletcher's statement last week.

According to the statement, "Fletcher saw a young boy wearing a Czar Entertainment T-shirt. Fletcher further stated that he slapped the boy across the face and began to grab the boy's shirt. At this point Marvin Bernard (Yayo) exited the vehicle, tried to restrain him (Fletcher) and get him back in the vehicle."

"Although the statement is harmful to my client," Fletcher's lawyer, Robert Macedonio said, "it seems that Tony Yayo really didn't do anything but pull him (Fletcher) off this kid."

The lawyer said the statement taken in August was "in violation of his constitutional rights" because police were not supposed to question him without his lawyer being present.

Macedonio said his client is serving a 2½-year sentence for drug possession.

Jan. 10, 2008

Pam Sets The Record Straight

5E!'s "Daily 10" interviewed actress Pam Anderson who discussed rumors around her personal life from her latest divorce, to her alleged pregnancy. She also chimed in on Britney Spears and "Blond and Blonder" co-star Denise Richards.

When asked about her divorce from Rick Salomon, Anderson said "I wish him the best. It's a can of worms. Big, fat juicy worms, but worms."

When the pregnancy question arose, Anderson said "No more kids. No more kids."

Anderson also commented on the Britney Spears' recent meltdown.

"I feel bad. I just hope that, you know, people do better, and especially parents. We need to do the best we can and just hope that somehow it all works out, you know, for the kids."

Anderson has recently become chummy with co-star Denise Richards.

"She's just sweet, beautiful, fun. She's a mom too, so we had a lot in common. We were like two peas in a pod, two wacko girls anyway on and off the set. It was fun."

According to E!'s "Daily 10," the two stars apparently share a kiss in the film - one that was not written into the script.

"I just grabbed her and kissed her on the lips," Pam explained while laughing. "I don't think it was planned - just happened. It was pretty good, I guess. Nothing special. Sorry Denise!"

Pam's interview was the Number 4 story on "Daily 10" Thursday, Jan. 10.