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Thomasville, Alabama

by travelnews site (2019-07-26)


Southwest Alabama’s Thomasville is a success story. Clarke County’s city has served as a model for excellence in rural growth and development. The regional hub is both innovative and inviting, as it has gained a collection of city-wide investments in recent years. The Alabama Community of Excellence is host to the only rural National Supplier Conference in the Southeastern states. Thomasville welcomes a number of prime guests, from those seeking top-class medical services to suppliers and contractors. The city has also been a destination for entertainment and recreation, and welcomes tourists who can expect to rub elbows with NASA and Boeing once in a while. 

When to Visit 

Thomasville transforms into a giant meeting place of sorts during the annual National Supplier Conference. Tourists rub elbows with the nation’s top suppliers and contractors during the yearly conference. During the month of November, the Alabama Scenic River Trail, the longest one state river trail in the nation, hosts the Tombigbee Fossils Fun and Food. Guests can participate in the event for free at the Old Lock Number One Park. Participants are treated to a home-cooked meal and free camping facilities at the primitive campsite. Guests get to tour around one of the greatest fossil finds in the nation. Drag boat fans can watch the ODBA in Thomasville, an annual event that features boat races and DJs playing live music on the background. Be ready for Alabama’s killer sun, but shirts, drinks, and food will be offered for free. 

Accommodation Tips 

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly accommodation, visit Mosley Drive and stay at the Thomasville Inn. The Comfort Inn, North Park Inn, and Holiday Inn Express also have decent rooms. Among the choices, opt for Comfort Inn instead. The hotel is just within walking distance to the Southwest Alabama Medical Center, County Court House, Roland Cooper State, and other restaurants and shopping places. Book your Thomasville Hotels with 

Fast Facts 

  • Thomasville was first founded in 1888. Its roots can be traced as far as the antebellum period.
  • When the merchants of Choctaw Corner learned that a railroad was going to cross the small town, they all moved their stores, shops, and establishments near the tracks.
  • As mentioned, the town was originally known as Choctaw. Eventually, it was named after a former Union Civil War general and a railroad financier. Samuel Thomas donated a good sum of money for the construction of the city’s first school. By the end of the 1800’s, the town had a depot station, boarding houses, several hotels, and numerous stores.
  • Thomasville became the home of a FPS-35 radar base, which was part of the government’s Automatic Ground Environment System and air force command.
  • The city became known as the City of Roses because of the flowers planted in the middle of the streets.
  • In 1999, the city’s historic district was listed among the National Register of Historic Places. 

Best Museums 

The Alabama Southern Community College Thomasville campus proudly features the Kathryn Tucker Windham Museum. The biographical museum is dedicated in preserving the masterpieces of journalist, storyteller, and native author Kathryn Windham. Thomasville also features the Clarke County Historical Museum, which has exhibits depicting the lives of native Indians at the Tallahatta Springs. Arrowheads and spears are displayed, along with other artifacts dated even before the white settlers came. Other interesting museums include Rikard’s Mill Historical Park, Bluff Hall, and the River Heritage Museum.