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Maybe the gov

by Peggy Givens (2019-08-11)

宋闵浩, zico, paloalto - 230391<strong>0591<\/strong> 4&nbs(CBS/AP) Lady Gaga will launch her hotly anticipated "Born This Way Ball" world tour Friday on an elaborate castle-like stage. And fans in Asia will be the first to see it.

But not everyone is looking forward to her performance.

AFP reports that conservative Christians in South Korea have banded together, accusing the pop singer of advocating homosexuality and pornography.

Nearly 300 Protestant church members met in Seoul Sunday to hold a group prayer against Friday's concert.

Members of the group Alliance for Sound Culture in Sexuality put up posters in Seoul, accusing Gaga of "spreading unhealthy sexual culture" through "lewd lyrics and performances." The fliers have since been removed by city officials, reports AFP.

The concert in Seoul has been banned for anyone under 18, a rule imposed by the Korea Media Rating Board. In early March. Lady Gaga reacted to the ban, tweeting, "Although not affecting ticket sales in Seoul, parents should be given more credit to determine what's good for their children. I love my fans. Thank u to all the adults in Korea who are speaking out for underaged who want to come to the BTW Ball. Maybe the gov. will change their mind."

Lady Gaga, 26, 5000 원 꽁 머니 arrived in Asia on Friday and has been tweeting about her experience so far.

What a warm and exciting welcome to Korea.I missed this country so much. Will be asleep in my castle until rehearsal. I love u! Love, Gaga

The singer's travels will include sold-out shows from South Korea to Singapore. It's a striking upgrade of her Asia itinerary over a previous tour that included only Japan.