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Matthew Fox arrested for DUI

by Kristie Kater (2019-08-10)

(CBS News) Matthew Fox has had another run-in with the law.

The actor was arrested for suspicion of driving while under the influence in Oregon on Friday, reports TMZ.

Sources tell TMZ that Fox, who now lives in Bend, Ore., with his family, had a passenger in the car when police stopped him at 3:23 a.m. He was reportedly on his way to a fast food restaurant when he was taken into custody. Fox was released later that day, 봉화출장안마 according to TMZ.

In August 2011, the former "Lost" star was accused of punching a female bus driver in Ohio after he was denied entry to a private party bus. Although he wasn't officially charged, the bus driver has since filed a civil suit. Fox, meanwhile, filed a countersuit, alleging the bus driver punched him.

He'll appear next in the new Brad Pitt film "World War Z" and is also attached to "Emperor" with Tommy Lee Jones.