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This isn't Fox's first encounter with the police

by Helen Kunkle (2019-08-10)

11 months ago(CBS/AP) Actor Matthew Fox is due in court on June 17 after being charged with drunken driving in Oregon.

Police in Bend say the 45-year-old, 해남출장샵 who lives in the Central Oregon city, was stopped early Friday after an officer noticed a motorist failing to signal properly or stay within a lane of traffic.

TMZ reports that the former "Lost" actor was on his way to get a late-night snack.

During the stop, the officer decided Fox was driving under the influence and took him to the Deschutes County Jail.

Fox was released Friday after he was booked into custody.

The authorities would not release the police report or any additional information.

TMZ reports that Fox didn't have a mug shot picture taken because the police station's camera was broken. He's expected to return to get one done.

This isn't Fox's first encounter with the police. In August 2011, he was accused of punching a female bus driver in Ohio after he was denied entry to a private party bus. Although he wasn't officially charged, the bus driver has since filed a civil suit. Fox filed a countersuit, saying the bus driver punched him.