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But the answers remain unclear

by Antonio Andres (2019-08-12)

(CBS News) Life's a game, roll with it.

During a rare solo performance Saturday night at Atlantic City's Golden Nugget, the guitarist donned a red shirt with that very slogan.

"This is the law we live by," said the Rolling Stones rocker when he emerged with the Golden Nugget T-shirt for the show's encore. Previously, Wood surprised the audience when he revealed (only briefly) that underneath his black blazer and 온라인 슬롯 white long-sleeved shirt he had been sporting a cropped Justin Bieber tank.

"This one's for the young ones," Wood told the crowd when he exposed the grey and pink Bieber shirt.

But on Saturday night, the 64-year-old "Mighty Mighty Wood" -- as he was introduced -- performed with the enthusiasm of a teenager.

"Are you ready to rock and roll?" the British musician shouted a few songs into the evening. The crowd, which hadn't sat down since the first song, "Am I Grooving You," didn't need any prodding. This marked Wood's only U.S. solo show this year.

Joined by vocalist Bernard Fowler, pianist Chuck Leavell of Allman Brothers Band fame, drummer Steve Jordan, bassist Willie Weeks and keyboardist Andy Wallace, Wood plowed through Stones songs, Faces tunes and solo material. He played harmonica and showed off some dance moves throughout the night.

Wood performed songs he wrote for freshly-minted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band, The Faces, including "Stay With Me," "(I Know) I'm Losing You" and "Ohh La La," which turned into a sing-a-long.

Same went for the Stones material. Wood jammed on "Black Limousine" and "It's Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It)."

Leavell took the lead on "Statesboro Blues," and Wood slipped in some of his solo work, including "I Gotta See," off his latest solo album, 2010's "I Feel Like Playing."

One of the evening's highlights was Wood's version of Bob Dylan's "Seven Days."

The special one-off show begs more questions though: Will Wood book a full U.S. solo outing?

And of course, there's the ongoing question: Will the Stones do a new album and tour? It is the band's 50th anniversary, after all.

But the answers remain unclear.

Wood, who officially joined the Stones in the mid-'70s, told he'd like to get together with the band; it's just a matter of timing.

Timing that Stones fans hope will be on their side.